Prevent food waste

In the EU alone, 173kg of food is thrown away per person every year, which corresponds to 88 million tons of waste per year. Worldwide even 1/3 of the weekly purchases end up in the garbage. That is 1.3 billion tons per year.

On the occasion of the International Day against Food Waste on September 29th, AHT would like to draw the attention to the importance of this topic.

Functional cooling

To avoid food waste, functioning deep-freezing is essential. AHT devices cool and freeze over 37 million foods every day. The devices from AHT are designed in such a way that temperature stability can be guaranteed and damage to goods can be avoided. The KALEA models in particular impresses with its multi-circuit technology. In the unlikely event that a cooling circuit fails, the remaining circuits ensure stable cooling. This means that damage to the goods can be ruled out.

AHT makes a significant contribution to preventing food wastage.

Together with the German Frozen Food Institute (Deutsches Tiefkühlinsitue, short dti), AHT is in constant dialogue to establish the importance of this topic in the industry and politics. Thanks to the long-standing partnership, AHT was and is represented at various events and presents new developments and technologies to make the refrigeration and deep-freezing sector even safer and more efficient. The dti is one of the key drivers to raise awareness on the International Day against Food Waste and presents numerous real-life examples that can help consumers to save food.

Let’s take up this important topic together to make a contribution to a better world.